Why offer fixed pricing when most lawyers exclusively bill by the hour?

For many reasons, one of which is simply that we can. Because we have so much experience in this field, we can accurately estimate the time we will need to complete certain services. This creates a better situation both for our clients and for us. We both know how long this matter will take and the overall cost. Other services are necessarily billed hourly.

But as a matter of principle, we offer fixed price services for three reasons. First, because the time we spend working on the matter has no bearing on the value of the matter to you. For instance, if we were the slowest lawyers in town, should it cost you more?

Second, as business people and entrepreneurs ourselves, we aren’t comfortable not knowing the cost of something up front. We extend this same courtesy to our clients whenever possible.

Finally, hourly billing can drive a wedge between client and attorney. Clients often worry about being nickeled and dimed to death, so they don’t call their counselor when they should. We want you to feel free to call or email us when you need help. A quick question can save lots of money and problems later on.

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