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About Alexander Business Law, PLLC

We are here to help you Enjoy Your Business and Your Life

Alexander Business Law is focused on helping lawyers and business owners stop doing work they don’t like, create and manage profitable business partnerships, and position their practice and business for sale as they retire.

We accomplish this by addressing the key legal and business issues to maximize the value of your business or practice through education, advice, and coaching that lead to well thought out and profitable business relationships.

We help small business owners create more profitable and less stressful businesses, one transaction at a time.

Alexander Business Law is a law firm located in suburban Orlando that was formed in 2005 (as Edward R. Alexander, P.L.).  Since that time we have focused exclusively on representing closely held businesses and their owners in:

  • Business Transactions and Transfers, including business exits and acquisitions,
  • Business Ownership Arrangements, including operating, shareholder and partnership agreements, and
  • Business Relationships, both internal and external.

The Goal

Our goal is to help privately held business owners protect and enhance business value during every stage of the business’ life cycle.  We do this by:

  • Providing education, advice, and guidance, that leads to well-thought out and structured deals,
  • Learning about our clients’ businesses to understand the big picture, and how the transaction at hand fits into their business goals, 
  • Engineering successful winning business relationships, through proper documentation based on client goals and related risk identification, analysis, and mitigation,
  • Negotiating for the best outcomes on the client’s behalf,
  • Preparing documents and contracts that fully and accurately capture the agreed upon terms, and
  • Managing the process to completion while minimizing bottlenecks.

How We’re Different

Alexander Business Law is different from other law firms in the following ways:
  • We’re Focused.  We only represent closely held businesses and their owners in transactional matters.
  • We Engineer Transactions.  As a former engineer, Mr. Alexander brings a systemized process and understanding of the numbers that we use to help clients put together business deals and transactions that make the most financial sense.
  • We Communicate with Clients.  Our team returns client calls and e-mails within one business day and keeps the client fully apprised of the status of the matter.
  • We Offer Multiple Fee Options, including:
  • Fixed Fees that provide clients with certainty and budgeting ability, or where the transaction will move forward in discrete steps that may have ‘off ramps.’
  • Success Fees that allow clients to minimize costs if a transaction doesn’t close, and 
  • Hourly Rate Billing, for situations where the scope hasn’t been determined or the client is ‘testing the waters’ to see if a transaction might work.
  • We Provide an Integrated Approach with Other Professionals, including our affiliated business brokerage firm, as well as accountants, bankers, and insurance brokers, ensuring that transactions include input from other key advisors to minimize risk. 
  • We understand that our job is to provide advice and make suggestions, not take over.  Our clients get the guidance they need to make the best business decisions but remain in charge of their own transactions.  
  • We help clients prosper by answering quick questions without charge and learn about their businesses so we can be better advisors. 
  • We don’t nickel and dime clients for minor things like quick 5 minute telephone calls or responses to short e-mail questions.
  • Our team is empowered to do what it takes to make clients happy.  Though we cannot (and do not guarantee) any outcome, we can control the delivery of our services. Therefore, if a client is unhappy because of our service, we talk to them and do what we can to correct the problem. 

Our Three Core Values

Education, Education, Education

We value the power of education. We take pride in offering a range of informational content on business law issues and in educating current and future clients in the Orlando and Central Florida area on their business and corporate legal matters.

A well-informed business owner makes better and smarter business decisions. That’s why one of our responsibilities as business lawyers in the Orlando area is to ensure that our clients understand the work that we are doing for them, how that work will benefit them, and the steps to completing that work.

Real-World Business Experience

We believe that discerning business owners deserve discerning business lawyers. You should only work with business attorneys that will benefit your business and solve problems rather than create them.

Effective and practical legal advice requires a business attorney with real-life, non-lawyer business experience. You also need business law firm whose practice is focused exclusively on business law. This sole focus ensures your business is in the best hands and you receive the best advice possible.

Relationships & Respect before Rates

We know that our clients’ business relationships are everything and will last long after the legal work is done. Maintaining and creating mutually beneficial relationships is of the utmost importance to us.

We also believe that a successful attorney-client relationship is based on mutual respect. We are upfront about our costs and fees, set mutually acceptable timelines, and update clients on their matters. In turn, we expect clients to value our involvement and our time.

Let's Work Together

If you think we’d be a good fit for you and your business, contact us right now. Let us know how we can help you start, grow, buy, or sell a business.

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