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The Alexander Business Law Signature Programs provide Guidance, Education, and Advice to Help Business Owners Create Well Thought Out, Documented, and Profitable Business Relationships.

Franchise System Development

Our attorneys assist in the development of a franchise strategy for potential franchisors including creating the required disclosure documents, franchise agreement, and business plan.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & Franchise Agreement

For both potential and current franchisors, we will draft, or review and advise on the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement to ensure it meets with FTC and local regulations.

For potential franchisees, we will review and advise on a franchisor’s FDD and franchise agreement.

Business Licensing or Business Opportunity Development

Development of a business licensing or business opportunity strategy including required disclosure documents, agreements, and business plan.

Business Licensing or Business Opportunity Disclosure Document & Agreement

For potential licensors, we will develop and draft the disclosure documents, contracts, and agreements for business licensing arrangements and business opportunities.

For potential licensees, we will review and advise on current licensor’s disclosure documents and agreements.

Commercial Leases

We can review the terms of your commercial lease or draft a new lease with the proper terms and provisions in preparation for a transaction.

Service & License Agreements

We handle the creation of agreements to protect services rendered to your business by outside parties including training agreements and website and software development agreements.

Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture Agreements

We develop and draft comprehensive strategic alliance and joint venture agreements including having a fulsome discussion of the necessary terms of the collaboration and business venture.

Restrictive Covenants & Non-Compete Agreements

We discuss, review, and draft restrictive covenant agreements such as noncompete and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation agreements and non-piracy agreements.

Employment, Independent Contractor, & Sales Contractor Agreements

We will consult and discuss with you the proper way to handle employment agreements and independent contractor agreements, who should sign them, and what restrictive covenants and non-compete provisions are appropriate. We also review and draft employment agreements and independent contractor agreements.

Website Terms and Conditions & User Agreements

Our attorneys will review or draft comprehensive terms of service agreements, terms and conditions, and user agreements for your website.

Intellectual Property Joint Development Agreements

We can help draft joint development agreements to address ownership issues, use, and enforcement of IP rights for parties in joint research and development

Co-Owner Agreements

Whether you call it a partnership agreement, founders agreement, shareholders agreement, or operating agreement, we can handle it! Our exclusive Partnership Design System provides new or current business partners with a guided discussion, development, and drafting of a custom partnership agreement for their multi-owner business. Our Partnership Design System includes a guided discussion of the key partnership agreement terms, drafting of a comprehensive partnership agreement, and a review and execution meeting. Learn more!

Corporate Organizational Documents Review & Revision

Due to the changes to the Florida Business Corporation Act that went into effect on January 1, 2020, all corporations should have their organizational documents reviewed and, where necessary, revised to ensure the business stays in compliance with the new statutes. We will conduct a thorough review of your corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Shareholders Agreement, propose changes, and make revisions so you are up-to-date with the newest corporate statutes.

New Partner Admissions

We facilitate transactions that allow businesses to add new partners, members, or shareholders to their business, including bringing key employees on as partners.

Co-Owner Disputes & Partner Buyouts

Our attorneys will assess and referee disputes between co-owners. We also facilitate partnership buyout transactions whether as the result of a partner dispute or retirement.

Single-Owner Entity Formation

Fixed-fee, all-inclusive package that includes the formation of a single-owner Florida LLC or corporation, submission of appropriate state documentation, securing of EIN, membership interest certificates, and comprehensive operating agreement.

Multi-Owner Entity Formation, Conversion, or Dissolution

We handle the formation, conversion, and dissolution of multi-owner LLCs and corporations, including the restructuring of corporate entities. Fixed-fee pricing available.

Business and Professional Practice Purchase and Sale Transactions

Letters of Intent

We will negotiate terms and draft letters of intent for the purposes of buying or selling a business or professional practice.

Asset or Stock Purchase Agreements

We will negotiate, advise, and draft the asset or stock purchase agreement and other contracts (e.g. lease agreements and non-compete agreements) necessary to complete the purchase or sale of a business or professional practice.

Closing Transactions

We will act as closing agents for your business purchase or sale, prepare the closing documents, and support the closing.

Promissory Notes

We will negotiate terms and draft promissory notes for business sellers who are financing the sale of their business.

Legal Due Diligence Review

We will assist business buyers in performing legal due diligence review of a seller’s business.

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