The Secret to Finding the Right Business to Buy

finding a business to buy in florida

You know that the old saying: “You can’t buy something until you’ve found it.” This adage holds true for a business as well.

Even if this sounds pretty straight forward, the simplicity is deceptive. Businesses don’t hang “for sale” signs in their windows. And even if they did, finding a business that’s for sale isn’t really the hardest part. The hardest part is deciding which business is right for you. This means introspecting and getting to know yourself a little better.

In the video below, I’m going to talk about why it’s so important to buy a business that complements your skills and background. As you’ll see, the more time you take to introspect honestly to assess your own background, skills, and interests, the more efficient and effective your search for a business to buy will be.

We’ll Help Guide Your Business Search

Here at Alexander Abramson, we focus exclusively on business-related legal matters. Ed Alexander is also a Florida licensed business broker and a shareholder of FitzGibbon Alexander, Inc., a Central Florida consulting, business valuation, and business brokerage firm. We’ve helped entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the business buying process for decades.

We would love to speak with you directly about how we can help you buy a business. Call us at 407-649-7777 or email a team member to let us know how we can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Guide to buying a business

Your Path to Personal and Financial Freedom

Buying a business can be tricky. We’ve simplified the process into 7 steps. This book is your go-to resource to learn why buying a business is your path to success and financial freedom.

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