Let a Business Attorney Handle Your Business Purchase

business attorney for business purchase

Buying a business is a time-consuming process with many steps that require different skills. To complete the process properly and efficiently you will need a team of professional advisors.

I often compare it to the movie Ocean’s 11, one of my favorite heist movies. If Billy Ocean had tried to rob that casino by himself, he never would have been able to do it. He needed a whole cast of supporting characters to make the heist possible. Likewise, you need to bring on a supporting team of professionals to make sure your business purchase is successful.

In this video, I’ll focus specifically on one member of your team: the business attorney. First and foremost I’ll explain why you need to choose a business attorney. Better still is a business attorney with transactional experience as opposed to a litigation background.

I’ll also help you distinguish the various services a business attorney can offer in the buying process and at what points you should think about engaging a business attorney.

We’re Business Attorneys for Business People

Here at Alexander Abramson, we focus exclusively on business-related legal matters. Ed Alexander is also a Florida licensed business broker and a shareholder of Fitzgibbon Alexander, Inc., a Central Florida consulting, business valuation, and business brokerage firm. We’ve been helping Florida business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the business buying process for decades.

We would love to speak with you directly about how we can help you buy a business. Call us at 407-649-7777 to speak to a team member about how we can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Guide to buying a business

Your Path to Personal and Financial Freedom

Buying a business can be tricky. We’ve simplified the process into 7 steps. This book is your go-to resource to learn why buying a business is your path to success and financial freedom.

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